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MOOCs for K-12 – Are you ready?

December 29, 2012

Learner Weblog

Are we ready to adopt MOOC in K-12 education?

No, I don’t think we are ready yet.

I have posted here in 2008 on the application of Connectivism in K-12 and Higher Education, based on an institutional approach.  I have left with more questions than answers:

Surely with the CCK08, if 2 “teachers” could serve 2000 plus learners, do you think there is a need to employ more teachers/moderators in mass open on-line courses?  Will open on-line courses be the future?  Will everyone become a teacher in those “courses” or networks?  How about the accreditation?  Will such courses be recognised nationally and internationally?  Will networks such as community of practice be the education campfire? What will be the educational landscape of the future?
What will be the role of the professors/teachers in higher education?  Are they still the way finders for learners?  Who will be holding the authority/power in education and learning?  Is power an issue? …

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