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10 Predictions and 20 Stories for Blended Learning

January 7, 2013

Classroom Aid

Michael Horn and Heather Staker from Innosight Institute, a nonprofit think tank focused on education and innovation, gave 10 predictions for blended learning in 2013. (published on TheJournal) Some examples were given.

1. More Rotation Models at the Elementary School Level

2. More Self-Blending at the High School Level

3. More Flex-Model Prototypes

4. Growth in Enriched-Virtual Models Among Full-Time Virtual Schools

5. Software with “Groupinator” Functionality

  • Scholastic’s Read 180 Program includes a “Groupinator” tool that recommends optimal small groups for differentiated instruction.

6. Tablets Gaining Disruptive Traction

7. MOOCs Disrupting Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced middle and high school students are increasingly eyeing the chance to take physics from MIT or Shakespeare at Harvard. Next year this trend will accelerate.

8. Clashes Over Teacher Policies. 

Debates are brewing over how best to ensure teacher quality in blended-learning environments.

9. Increased Emphasis on…

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